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Nigerian Pidgin English language Poems

Chidi Anthony Opara   (1) Prof Prof: Im yard people, Im area people, Im work people, Im friend dem, Even im enemy dem, Dem dey call am prof prof. No be say im be prof, No be say Im go school like dat, Only be say...

Poems: Falola @ 71

Nimi Wariboko January 3, 2024 #1. Falola’s Burden @71 (for all African scholars) I am trying to bear witness To African ingenuity In my scholarship. And to aim To do it so brilliantly that When I am long dead future...

Happy 71st birthday Daddy!

In realms of wisdom, grand and vast, Prof Falola’s legacy will forever last. With eloquent words, he weaves his tale, A scholarly giant, whose heights prevail. Across lands afar, his travels embrace, Each journey...

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