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Adetola Babawale: Completing A Circle of Life

Toyin Falola   Be still, dear wind, be still Open your palms and show me what you stole Be still, dear man, be still I can see the pain in your heart Be still, dear river, be still Let me bare my soul to you Maybe you...

Poetry: Campuses Must Reopen!

 Toyin Falola I call the deaf by his name  he hears me, but I claim I’m being ignored and shamed; I count stones on the streets put them in different pots to heat. Done, I assume, and ready to eat But in my rage, I soon...

Michael Afolayan: A Cat With 9 Lives!, By Toyin Falola

He came to life when others died   How many choices of life is really our choice? Born innocent, We came covered with blood, This blood is special, And the day, memorable: It is the only day when the sight of blood...

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