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Sanctums Of Sin And Other Poems

By Chidi Anthony Opara   (1)Sanctums Of Sin: Let me rebuke satanists. Let me tonguelash The surrogates of satan And their sanctums of sin. Cascade of cants, Canticles crafted with insincerity And incredible credos...

Happy 71st birthday Daddy!

In realms of wisdom, grand and vast, Prof Falola’s legacy will forever last. With eloquent words, he weaves his tale, A scholarly giant, whose heights prevail. Across lands afar, his travels embrace, Each journey...

The Farmer can also be Planted

Okikiola Zainab Ogundokun   Digging the earth with a shovel to sow the largest seed. The diggers dug aggressively as their sweat bored the earth. They toiled, swindling the shovel. For every digging, soil yelled...

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