Heart of Arts

The Global scholar glows

Toyin Falola the global scholar

making bread from local substrates.

You will never see him prostrate

to those who just pontificate

without outcomes to demonstrate

their ten and ten pence grammar

Is Falola not a global farmer of ideas

planting in fields far from home?

He never walks alone

in the forest of a thousand ideas

Falola, a straight arrow

who shoots to the point

as he points others to hidden treasures

Nothing in his products are sub-standard

Can we accuse him of subversion

where oppression morphs like versions

of texts out of date?

Toyin Falola walks in the universe of action

never afraid to sanction rulers and bleeders

hoping the past brought into the present

will help heal our broken world

Toyin Falola, the global seeker

who is never sick or tired to build

bridges that lasts.

©️ Kole November 13, 2022 11:21 AM

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