Heart of Arts

Sanctums Of Sin And Other Poems

By Chidi Anthony Opara


(1)Sanctums Of Sin:
Let me rebuke satanists.
Let me tonguelash
The surrogates of satan
And their sanctums of sin.

Cascade of cants,
Canticles crafted with insincerity
And incredible credos.

Poverty on earth,
Hope of hereafter
Where poverty does not exist.
Absurd brew
By bosterious bunkum brewers.

They infiltrate officialdom
And take hold of its jugular,
They litter the skyline
With sleek private jets.

“No tithes, no turn around”,
“No offerings, more sufferings”
They threaten from pulpits
Adorned with promiscuity,
With profanities.

Self serving doctrines,
Hypnotized congregants
Reveling in vile ecstasy.

(2) A Little Bird Named Cacaphony:
War break,
Jungle quake,
Jungle dwellers
Pitch tents
And apportion blames.
Continues to quake.

In the beginning,
The fox attacked
The nest of the dove.
With its claws,
Made mince meat
Of dove children.
The dove fought back,
With its beak
Made fox’s abode unhabitable.

A little bird named cacaphony
In a shrill voice

The fox burrowed hole
Underneath a place named humanitarian,
With a sly smile
Hid inside the burrowed hole
Listening to the chirps,

(3)My Cryptic Writings, My Right:
I write
My cryptic writings,
I post
my cryptic writings
On new media
‘Cause ’tis my right.

The witches,
The wizards
And whine.
I ignore the whirlwind.

I will write
More cryptic writings,
I will post
More cryptic writings
“Cause ’tis my right.

I will write
And another
And another.

I will write
Many cryptic writings,
I will post
Many cryptic writings
‘Cause ’tis my right.

(4)We Are Both Humans And gods:
Instead of handing down rebukes,
Heaven now hails
The creativity of humans,
The cravings to create better.

We were created to walk,
We now fly,
We sail on water
And travel under water.

The Diety have democratized.
We are to choose
To worship sacred cows
Or compute
To create soft living.

The things we fear
Are no more scary,
The scaremongers
Are scampering to safety.

Have handed us our fate,
We are both humans and gods.

Chidi Anthony Opara is a Poet, Professional Fellow of Institute Of Information Management Africa, MIT Chief Data Officer Ambassador, Registered Freight Forwarder and Editorial Adviser at News Updates.

More about him here: https://independent.academia.edu/ChidiAnthonyOpara

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