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Kindly note that the Heart of Arts is protected by the Corporate Affairs Commission (RC 3098797) and the International Copyright laws. Therefore, reproduction or distribution of any entry, submission, or contribution without written permission from the Executive Director is prohibited.

Similarly, if you wish to submit an entry for publication, it must be your original content as the author. Copying a whole or parts of a previously published article by another author is highly prohibited. As such, such content would not be published on our website (after editing, proofreading, verification, and validation). Be kind enough to always submit your entries with pictorial backings.

However, there are two (2) ways you can submit your entries for publication:

N.B: Your entries will go through some verification processes before being published. Hence it might take up to 48hours to get it online. Be rest assured that we will notify you once published. However, if it is a news report, kindly alert us through a phone call – for urgent attention.

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