Heart of Arts

The Farmer can also be Planted

Okikiola Zainab Ogundokun


Digging the earth with a shovel
to sow the largest seed.

The diggers dug aggressively
as their sweat bored the earth.

They toiled, swindling the shovel.
For every digging, soil yelled out.

As the partition became bigger,
“Done”, they minced.

Fellow farmers are ready to sow the seed.
The once-upon-a-farmer is now a seed.

How denigrating do you think that is?
But it is the truth that you wish it could be a lie.

The seed has been sown.
No one awaits its germination.

No one awaits its juicy fruits.
but every farmer awaits becoming a seed one day.

For now, let’s scoop good deeds every day.
Have you scooped yours today?


Okikiola Zainab Ogundokun is a poet and an avid reader. She uses are poems to propel her idealism about life, death, humanity, and governance.

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