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Toyin Falola   Ayamatanga is a fictional word coined to describe a demonic spirit. If I call you Ayamatanga, you should be angry, very angry, as it implies that your mother is a demon, your father is the devil, and...

 Lóri Rọ́

Toyin Falola   I am surprised you don’t know that my father owns the Cocoa House in Ibadan. My brother just bid to buy the Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos. We will soon change the name of British Airways to...

Beautiful Nubia: Religious Mumu

A CONVERSATION WITH BEAUTIFUL NUBIA, PART 2 This is Part 1 of the report on the interview with Beautiful on March 19, 2023. The extensive interview, which has received millions of views across different platforms, talks...

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Gabon: Crooks in Power

Toyin Falola   Gabon demonstrates everything that is wrong with Africa, a tiny country with enormous resources stolen by a few kleptocrats. One family in over fifty years converted Gabon into a private estate—even...

Damilola Osunlakin: I lost My Son!

Toyin Falola   Amongst the many gifts fortune has bestowed upon Nigerians, carefree existence isn’t one of them. Whether or not this is peculiar to the populace, it has undoubtedly, won us the title of...

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