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Toyin Falola   Ìkà is an evil person. Wicked people exist in numbers, littering every place they are with their evidently obnoxious, outrageous, and even sadistic attitudes. Yorùbá people accurately define the...


Toyin Falola   Ayamatanga is a fictional word coined to describe a demonic spirit. If I call you Ayamatanga, you should be angry, very angry, as it implies that your mother is a demon, your father is the devil, and...

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Nigerian Teachers: From Books to Broke

Toyin Falola   I was at the University of Ilorin when the announcement was made that the Tinubu-led federal government would pay four of the eight months’ salaries when ASUU went on strike. I must confess...

No Gree for Anybody!

Toyin Falola   I am writing this piece from Lagos. “No Gree” is what you now hear at every moment, every corner. I first heard it from our security folks here, then Mr. Mike, our talented gardener. I took a walk on...

Gabon: Crooks in Power

Toyin Falola   Gabon demonstrates everything that is wrong with Africa, a tiny country with enormous resources stolen by a few kleptocrats. One family in over fifty years converted Gabon into a private estate—even...

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