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Happy 71st birthday Daddy!

In realms of wisdom, grand and vast,

Prof Falola’s legacy will forever last.

With eloquent words, he weaves his tale,

A scholarly giant, whose heights prevail.

Across lands afar, his travels embrace,

Each journey adorned with wisdom’s grace.

Every endeavor, every scholarly touch,

Witnesses the brilliance he avails as such.

Seventy-one years, a milestone attained,

A global face in academia, unchained.

His knowledge, a beacon, unparalleled,

In every venture, “Ola” prevailed.

Happy birthday to this luminary bright,

Whose impact resonates, a guiding light.

Toyin Falola, esteemed and true,

Your legacy shines in all that you do.


Habeeb Adisa

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