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[New Book] Falola and Mbah, eds., Negotiating Identities in Contemporary Africa

Negotiating Identities in Contemporary Africa | © September 2023


  • Toyin Falola
  • Emmanuel Mbah

ISBN 978-1-66694-448-8 and 978-1-66694-449-5


  • Introduction: Negotiating Identities in Contemporary Africa: Gender, Religion, and Ethno-cultural Identities by Emmanuel M. Mbah and Toyin Falola
  • Chapter 1: Sowing in the Wind: Girls’ Education in Kenya’s Bungoma County by Namulundah Florence
  • Chapter 2: Gendered Political Institutions and Women’s Career Identity Construction by Wakil Ajibola Asekun
  • Chapter 3: To Have or Not to Have: An African Perspective on Childlessness by Namulundah Florence
  • Chapter 4: Gender and Initiation Rites in Ejagham Land of Cameroon by Victor Ntui Atom
  • Chapter 5: Restoring Gender Knowledge in Kenya’s Mau Mau War: New Methods and Perspectives by Mickie Mwanzia Koster
  • Chapter 6: Gender Inequality in the Peace Building Process during the Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon by Primus Fonkeng
  • Chapter 7: From Hapless Victims to Helpful Collaborators? The Contradictions of Boko Haram Female Suicide Bombers (FSBs) in Nigeria, 2009-2019 by Femi Adegbulu
  • Chapter 8: A Comparative Study of the Influence of Modernization on Traditional Gender Roles of Men and Women in Lagos and Ogun States, Nigeria by Tolu Ogunleye
  • Chapter 9: Ethnocentrism, Democratization and Nation Building in Africa: The Nigerian Experience by Steve A Iyayi
  • Chapter 10: Identity Dynamics in the Southern Tier of the Cameroon-Nigeria Frontier by Victor Ntui Atom
  • Chapter 11: Redefining Cultural Identity in Nigeria through Dramatic and Theatrical Arts by Adedoyin Aguoru
  • Chapter 12: “I never knew I was a Negro until I came to America.” Black Identity, Diasporic Consciousness, and Nigerian Ambivalence to Pan-Africanism by Ajibola A. Abdulrahman
  • Chapter 13: Sidis in India, and of India, too? An Exploratory Study into the Identity of the African Diaspora in the Western Indian State of Gujarat by Pradeep Mallik

Negotiating Identities in Contemporary Africa: Gender, Religion, and Ethno-cultural Identities provides an interdisciplinary and balanced discussion on the changing dynamics of identities in Africa, with a focus on gender, ethno-cultural, and religious identity. Toyin Falola and Emmanuel M. Mbah argue that because identity defines who we are as individuals or groups, studies on African identities must focus on understanding the changing dynamics in the socio-economic and political spheres in the continent. These chapters cover subjects such as women’s career identity, gender roles and knowledge, childlessness, ethnocentrism and democracy, cultural identity through theater, Black identity in the diaspora, and diasporic consciousness. Using existing scholarship, the chapters in this edited volume challenge our understanding of what identity entails and provide new discussions on the hitherto politicized historiography of some identities in Africa.

  • Toyin Falola is University Distinguished Professor and the Jacob and Francis Sanger Mossiker Chair in the Humanities Department at the University of Texas at Austin and Extraordinary Professor of Human Rights at the University of the Free State.
  • Emmanuel M. Mbah is professor of history and Deputy Chair of the History Department at the City University of New York, College of Staten Island.


Find More: https://rowman.com/ISBN/9781666944488/Negotiating-Identities-in-Contemporary-Africa-Gender-Religion-and-Ethno-cultural-Identities


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