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Adébísí Afọláyan: The Celebration of a Living Legend – His Life, Works and Everything In-Between

Adébísí Afọláyan: The Celebration of a Living Legend – His Life, Works and Everything In-Between | © January 2024 | ISBN: 9781943533718 | Published By: Pan-African University Press

Edited by Michael Ọládẹ̀jọ Afọláyan | Foreword by Toyin Falola

Legend has it that there was a man with huge popularity and cult following in a distant village community of old. He once thought to himself that he needed to ascertain the truth or falsity of the genuineness of his followership. A Sage warned him not to believe what he was seeing until he could see what he could not believe. And so, the sage then advised him to just make an announcement about a terminal illness he had been diagnosed with, and that it would require a small amount of money in order for him to get over the debilitating ailment He went all over the community, talking to his family members, friends, colleagues and all those admirers. He appealed to them for support, but while everyone sympathized with him, not a single one was willing to come to his aid by donating the money needed to get him cured. He was disappointed but within him he still understood that people probably genuinely loved him, it was just that they did not have the material things to support him at this time. He returned to the Sage, who provided him another strategy to further measure the loyalty of those people that surrounded him. He instructed him to arrange with his doctor and announce to the same group of people that he had finally succumbed to the weight of the illness and eventually died, and that the funeral had been arranged at a stipulated place and on a particular date. On hearing this, the same group of people who had nothing to give to get this friend and relative cured came around to donate large sums of monies, and expensive materials – cattle, food, drinks, and other merchandise to celebrate his death. They purchased expensive clothing materials and called upon the best musicians far and wide to come and grace the occasion. They were dolling out bales of money to celebrate the dead man. It was during the people’s festive moods at the fake funeral that the man entered the room with his hands full of whisks and bludgeons to pummel the hypocrites out of his sight and out of his life.

This unique Festschrift honors the living legend Professor Adebisi Afolayan, unlike most that pay tribute to the deceased. His “village community” genuinely reveres their popular man in both words and actions. This three-part book opens with writings by intellectuals or his interests, then showcases his prolific, versatile contributions spanning English language to musicology. This reveals his relentless pursuit of impacting scholarship. Also, colleagues, family, friends and students provide unfettered praise of this multifaceted nonagenarian – a religious family man, comedian, musician, accessible intellectual juggernaut. Overall, the book captures how “the rubber hits the road” in celebrating not the typical deceased honoree but a living versatile icon who richly merits this rare tribute from his admiring community.

In all, this Festschrift is about a man of talent and ability about whom we can say, in the words of William Shakespeare, “doth bestride the narrow world like a Colossus…, one of his extended children, Dr. Precious Afolayan, describes him, “an ordinary man with an extraordinary personality. This Festschrift snugly fits the model of what Francis Bacon said:

“Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested; that is, some books are to be read only in parts; others to be read, but not curiously; and some few are to be read wholly, and with diligence and attention.” This one is to be tasted, swallowed, chewed, digested. read curiously, wholly, and with diligence and attention.



Section 1 — Academic Writings on Adébísí Afọláyan and his Areas of Interest

  • Chapter 1: Citation on Professor Adébísí Afọláyan – Femi Akindele
  • Chapter 2: Fifteen Years of the National Policy on Education: How far has Language Fared? A Guest Lecture – Ayo Bamgbose
  • Chapter 3: Portraits of the Person of Prof Adébísí Afọláyan and the Symbolism of Baba (Father): A Sneak Preview into an Ethnographic Complexity – Tunde Lawuyi
  • Chapter 4: English Language, Literature and Pedagogy in a Digital Age – Adewale Adegbite
  • Chapter 5: Notes on the Collection, Transcription, Translation and Analysis of Yoruba Oral Literature – Wande Abimbola
  • Chapter 6: Oríkì and Orúko in Yorubá Tradition – Modupe Oduyoye
  • Chapter 7: Towards the Effective Administration of Literacy Enhancement and Achievement Paradigm (LEAP) for Optimal and Maximal Teaching and Learning in Nigerian Schools and Colleges: An Essay in Honour of Professor Adébísí Afọláyan – Grace Oluchi Nwosu, Ngozi Elizabeth Ezenwosu, Onyedikachi, and Abíọ́dún-Ekus Chukwuemeka Eze Onukaogu
  • Chapter 8: A History of “The Six-Year Primary Project in the Use of Yorubá as the Medium of Primary Education” – Toyin Falola and Michael Ọládẹ̀jọ Afọláyan
  • Chapter 9: The Yorùbá Language in Education – Agboola Ologunde
  • Chapter 10: Further Reflections on the Six-Year Primary Project of the Institute of Education, University of Life: The Key Players – Toyin Falola and Michael Ọládẹ̀jọ Afọláyan
  • Chapter 11: Adébísí Afọláyan: Father of Systemic Functional Linguistics in Africa – James A. Ọládẹ̀jọ
  • Chapter 12: Yorùbá Orhography – Ayo Bamgbose
  • Chapter 13: Constituents of Yorubá Studies, Paper 1 – Ayo Bamgbose
  • Chapter 14: Constituents of Yorubá Studies, Paper 2 – Adeboye Babalola
  • Chapter 15: Constituents of Yorubá Studies, Paper 3 – Adébísí Afọláyan
  • Chapter 16: Language for Academic Purposes in Nigerian Higher Education: ESP or LSP? – James A. Ọládẹ̀jọ
  • Chapter 17: The Roles of Afọláyan and COMSKIP in the Conceptualization and Development of the use of English – E. Onukaogu and C. O. Olowu
  • Chapter 18: University College, Ibadan, Nigeria: Bilingualism, An Inaugural Lecture Delivered on Foundation Day November 17th, 1948 – Paul Christophersen Ph.D. (Cantab.), and Dr. Phil. Copenhagen), Published for the University College, Ibadan, by Methuen & co. Ltd., London 36 Essex Street, W. C.2.


Section 2 — Selected Writings of Adébísí Afọláyan

  • Chapter 19: Problems, Principles and Prospects of English Studies in an African University – Adébísí Afọláyan
  • Chapter 20: Language as a Neglected Factor of Development in Africa: A Valedictory Lecture – Adébísí Afọláyan
  • Chapter 21: Language and Sources of Amos Tutuola – Adébísí Afọláyan
  • Chapter 22: The Concept of ‘English as a Second Language’ as an Applied Linguistic Policy for Development – Adébísí Afọláyan
  • Chapter 23: Evaluation of the 9-Year Basic Education Social Studies Curriculum (NERDC 2007) – Adébísí Afọláyan
  • Chapter 24: Culture and Education of the Child – Adébísí Afọláyan
  • Chapter 25: Ìlànà Kíkó Matimátíìkì Fún Akékọ̀ọ́ Ọlọ́dún Kìn-ín-ní ní Ilé-ìwé Alákọ̀ọ́bẹ̀rẹ̀ – Láti Ọwọ ́Diakoni A. A. Afọlábí àti Ọ̀jọ̀gbọ́n Adébísí Afọláyan


Section 3 — Tributes to Adébísí Afọláyan

  • Chapter 26: Honoring Daddy Ifẹ̀: An Ordinary Man with an Extraordinary Personality – Precious Olufunke (Abeni) Afọláyan
  • Chapter 27: My Knowledge and Personal Testimony on our Daddy and Grand Father, Professor Bisi Afọláyan – Deaconess (Mrs.) Rachael Ajibola Afọláyan
  • Chapter 28: My Memories of, and Reflections on our Daddy, Professor Adébísí Afọláyan – Abel Oyelakin Afọláyan
  • Chapter 29: Honouring the Northern Star: My Tribute to Professor Adébísí Afọláyan – Abimbola Táíwò Abiola
  • Chapter 30: Adébísí Afọláyan: An Unbending Palm in the Midst of the Raging Storm – Prince Gboyega G. Oyelade
  • Chapter 31: Prof. Adébísí Afọláyan: Lifting Hope for the Hopeless – Sunday Adewole Adeniran
  • Chapter 32: Professor Adébísí Afọláyan: Celebrating our Great Teacher – A. I. Faminu (Nee Adeniran)
  • Chapter 33: Papa Professor Bisi Afọláyan: The Quiet Philanthropist – Prof. Samuel O. Ayodele
  • Chapter 34: Professor Adébísí Afọláyan: A Man of Talent, Passion, and an Inexhaustible Fountain of Knowledge – Kola Omotunde-Young
  • Chapter 35: An Amazing Father in a Million: A Recapitulation of Seven Decades of a Monumental Relationship – Deacon ‘Gbola (with Deaconess ‘Dola Ògúnwuyì)
  • Chapter 36: Professor Bisi Afọláyan: Appreciation – Ayo Banjo
  • Chapter 37: Honouring our Daddy, Professor Adébísí Godwin Afọláyan – Ademolaami Adeniyi Afọláyan
  • Chapter 38: A Deep Reflection on the Person of Daddy, Professor Adébísí Afọláyan – (Prof.) Adejumoke A. Afọláyan (Nee Onafowora)
  • Chapter 39: Grandpa – Jonathan Oladeji
  • Chapter 40: Tribute by Olabiyi Orowade: A Driver Turned a Son – Olabiyi Orowade
  • Chapter 41: Tribute to Daddy Professor Adébísí Afọláyan – Emerita Professor Abiola Ọdẹ́jídé
  • Chapter 42: The Testimony about the Life of a Christian – Baptist Professor Prof. Adébísí Afọláyan – (Dr.) Steve Awoleye
  • Chapter 43: Celebrating a Legacy: Honouring the Life and Achievements of our Daddy – Prof Adébísí Afọláyan – Dr. Adenike Felicia Oladeji (Nee Afọláyan)
  • Chapter 44: Father, Teacher, Mentor and Prayer Warrior: A Tribute to Prof. Adébísí Afọláyan – Jacob Ademola Abegunde
  • Chapter 45: Tributes for our Beloved Daddy and Mummy Professor Bisi & Mrs Deke Afọláyan – Tubosun Ọdẹ́jídé
  • Chapter 46: Professor Bisi & Mrs. Deke Afọláyan, an Enduring Legacy of Love and Affection – (Mrs.) Sayo Ọdẹ́jídé
  • Chapter 47: A Word from the Heart in Honour of Professor Adébísí Afọláyan – Olabimpe Anjolaoluwa (Nee Afọláyan)
  • Chapter 48: Baba Afọláyan: A Unique Man with Unique Perspectives – Olajope Ọ̀kẹ́ (Nee Ijalaye)
  • Chapter 49: Bisi Afọláyan: A Model of Doggedness and Commitment – Ayo Bamgbose
  • Chapter 50: Prof. Godwin Adebisí Afọláyan: In whom there is no Room for Sloppiness – Olusola Ajolore
  • Chapter 51: Professor Adébísí Afọláyan: Baba to the Core, Philanthropist to the Ultimate – Pastor Táíwò Joseph Anifowose
  • Chapter 52: The Professor Afọláyan I Know – Gbenga Faminu
  • Chapter 53: Afọláyan: The Nigerian Christian Academic Example and Mentor – Olusegun Ojo
  • Chapter 54: Adébísí Afọláyan – Daddy Ifẹ̀, our other Father – Bisade Ologunde
  • Chapter 55: In a House Built for Happiness, Melancholy has its Veiled Shrine: My Tribute to Adébísí Afọláyan, the Man I Simply Call Daddy – Michael Ọládẹ̀jọ Afọláyan
  • Chapter 56: To Professor Adébísí Afọláyan: My Second Father – Derin Abidoye (Nee Ologunde)
  • Chapter 57: To Daddy with Love – Adéoyè Afọláyan
  • Chapter 58: Adébísí Afọláyan, My Father – Adéníyì Afọláyan
  • Chapter 59: Ìwúre Àti Oríkì Fún Bàbá Rere, Adébísí Afọláyan – Láti Ọwọ́ Wande Abimbola

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