Heart Of Arts

Wanton Desires🔞


I miss the warmth radiating from your body on chilly nights
I Salivate over your curves
The way they bend in right ways
It damn makes me stiff
And devour right there and then
I wish I could slide my hands all over you,
Listen to you as you exhale
As I move my lips sensually over your lay lines head to toe and in between
After your luscious red lips let me in
Our mouths enveloping each other catalog in a tongue fight
With so much anticipation
You quiver as I part the lips of your mound
And rub my hardness within
You gasp as I slowly penetrate
We moan in unison as I push my length deeper
You grind against me as I go on and on
Deeper and deeper
I hear your feverish and amorous murmurs begging for more and more
I respond with groans and quick strokes
I jerk and you thrash in pleasure and climax ecstasy
Washed in a euphoric enchanting bliss
As we reach over the edge
All night long we go
Fulfilling our deep wanton desires


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