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I woke up today, say my prayers, switched on my phone and all I can see is say no to rape on WhatsApp and other social media. This cast my mind back to the news I read of a UNIBEN student that was raped and killed in a church,
a church!! What an heartless being.

Rape, which is an act of forcing sexual intercourse upon another against their will; sex is meant to be enjoyed by both parties but where is the enjoyment when the other party is shedding tears and cursed is being placed on you either verbal or non verbal?

Rape is one of the social deviance which has been with us for long and the victim have always been the women, a gender which was supposed to be cared for and hold in high esteem but otherwise is the case in society of ours as they are being rough handled, battered and seen as a possession.

It’s time we realized that women are precious, they are your mother, wife, daughter and sister they have equal right with men in the society, rise and say no to gender inequality.

Rape is a five minute enjoyment but a lifetime memory which will haunt them forever. They are called the salt of the world but where is the taste of such salt when they are being raped, killed and traumatized?
I pray Rapist and Paedophiles know no peace.