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Professor Ebunoluwa Oduwole at 60

Toyin Falola

The church service to mark her 60th birthday was well attended by her colleagues from Olabisi Onabanjo University, her family, and a variety of networks.

The service was full of wonderful people, and the preacher delivered a remarkable exhortation.

The amiable professor was happy, very happy. She was gorgeous. She revealed the full portfolio of blessing. I love my people for the joy and love of life exhibited in their beautiful faces and attire.

Ebunoluwa–The Gift of God–was radiant at the event, moving with grace.

Entering the house of abundance

Full of pots

One pot contains fortunes

Another pot is full of prosperity

The bigger pot is of abundance.

My words of encouragement are drawn from the Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman, who advocated the pursuit of “unreasonable happiness>” For this to happen, Millman argues that we must not believe in our self-importance. He elegantly closes his warning:

“Soc, I’ve been battling illusions my whole life, preoccupied with every petty personal problem. I’ve dedicated my life to self-improvement without grasping the one problem that sent me seeking in the first place. While trying to make everything in the world work out for me, I kept getting sucked back into my mind, always preoccupied with me, me, me.”

Stop the me, me, me and focus on us, us, us. Let us all grow together as a family, a village, a town, a city and a country.

Today, I understand why Professor Ayo Olukotun, anytime he mentions her name to me, will say “Your Daughter.” It is because she has the grace of youth.

Today, I have to tell Professor Olukotun to change it to “Your Sister” because she has crossed to the 60s.

Let me wish you, in advance:

Happy Birthday at 70

Happy Birthday at 80

Happy Birthday at 90

Happy Birthday at 100

At 101, you are on your own!

My former daughter, enjoy your day

My current sister, the future is yours.

May grace and prosperity be yours, our Gift of God, Ebunoluwa


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