Heart Of Arts

Ode to the Sky (II)


The great tent with curtains white
Far above lies the dearest of creation
A beauty full of love to all nation
The sign of day an embodiment of light
Harbour of spirits and unseen fairies
Home of ancestors and unborn babies
Where all that fly test their might
Of all scenery the choicest
Emitting images the fairest
I field of endless feed to the sight
And when dark becomes a new vision
The moon and stars, each with a mission
A new of wonders, the sign of night
The cricket sings loud and joyous
The frog then joins in the chorus
To you, far far above all height
Floating still on all the eyes can see
Beyond sight beyond land beyond the sea
Whence gentle wind with ethereal might
Rush on all the reach with ease
From edge of the world comes the breeze
In silent harmony they take their flight
Bringing joy peace and bliss
At that edge lies your end, If there is
Maybe a portal as happy tales do site