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Litty Kavinci is making music to represent Ohio

A cursory glance through the Instagram feed of rapper and songwriter, Litty Kavinci, confirms two things: that he is a gifted rapper and that the state of life in the Midwestern city of Ohio inspires some of his best work.

The artist is part of a new wave of talent breaking out of the grime, withdraw reality of Ohio and attempting to put his mark on the world with his talent.

Born in 1998, the singer has worked extensively in the underground, growing from rapping in bars and car lots to impressing his contemporaries with his wordplay and incisive lyricism.

The things that make Litty stand out among his contemporaries is his fierce work ethic and a determination to not give up. It inspires his approach to music, refusing to let rejection or denial weigh down on him.

His latest project, Litty Infinities, a semi-biographical portrait of his life didn’t catch on to the audience that he hoped to get to, but not deterred, the Atlanta-based artist is putting out a new body of work titled Vibes.

The body of work is inspired by the experience he has undergone since Litty Infinities and positions him for a new part of his career that he hopes will take him to the heights that his gifts deserve.


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