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Alabi Adebowale Enoch

It is true they say, ‘if wishes were horses, beggars will ride’; but in my case, it is ‘if wishes were legs then my beggar would walk’. This is the thought that fills my heart whenever I tried to stand. But, how can I? When there is a force holding me back. I tried every day to make a move and set things right, it just seems everything is crumbling by the second. A lot of people see me and they grimace, they keep asking this unanswered question ‘how is he going to make it?’ Most of them look at me with disgust, while few with pity.

Day after day, night after night, even years flew by, yet no change was recorded. The neighbours in the neighbourhood keep telling their children to stay away, to keep away, to turn deaf hears to my call all because I was a physically challenged. Yes, I had family to move me around, to care for me but in spite of all, I knew there was something or someone missing in me. I continued to live in the ways I’ve lived for years until a day came. The day I realized a minute, an hour even a day with Him could change one’s destiny.

That fateful day came, the day that would forever be in my journal. It was the day I found solace in Him, a day that supersedes today. There was a seed of happiness that was sown in my heart when the knowledge of Him came. It was then I knew all these tribulations only came because I never understood His ways. Then I started working in the confidence of the faith I have in Him.

Lesson:  Are you at any point in time incapacitated and unable to carry on the course of life. Lean on God’s ability and I’m sure He’s able to make you capable. He alone provides a way.

As I conclude, scorners started giving a helping hand; to those who think it was over for me, it definitely was a ‘wow’ to them. Until we all lean on His ability, we will remain defeated. Even without having legs I started to soar in Him. By working in His ability, nothing, not even the devil can stand in your way.


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