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Illusion of Time

Adelere Adesina

Um, it is a new year, it seems. However, an illusion of time being renewed, of us being in a new year, drives us to various renewal of decisions, of strategies and goals. For once, you may then ask: when I planned last year, was it only for last year or for my lifetime?

In the sight of men, it has turned a new day, month and year. How interesting it appears to get behind the stage, leave the audience and observe where the clip is played! It is a long stretch of film, where each act pops out to us, the audience, like a new drama. We adjust our seats and sitting, as though a new movie. Yet, the passage of time, like scene to scene, is to a single halt of no renewal. Nothing is new, though so seems it. Nothing is old if we observe it.

Was I saying behind the stage? Yea, there, with the same stretch of film, various actors come and go; and one of them, the same as an audience, acts to pity or to celebration. It is nevertheless the same stretch.

How paradoxical of a new year that’s never new! While no old year is old yet! Put on yourself now a resolution, if you’ll. But first resolute your resolution. Shall it serve only this year or shall it stretch on that whole film? For while they act, they do to a single climax, a denouement.

But if you do not see each day new, as each scene’s hue, how will it put you on the same seat rive-tingly? A scene played twice reminds. Played thrice harries. Hmm. There’s resolution in each day, not the acting year.

Or, I ask, if we make the same piety and will each day, of our life’s meaning and being, as in each prime day of the year, shall we not quickly make right our dreams, unfailingly, unfailingly like the renewed strength of the sun? O, the sun. It reminds me. He rises resolved each morn; and when night weans it of life, it rises again the second day. Ask yourself, my dear, which dream you have: of a year or a life? When will you live it out: a few months or each day.

Happy New Year (though since ages the year’s awaited our peaceful coming)!


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