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Future Talk

Future Talk

Come on little daughter
Let me tell you a whisper
In time that past ago
People were not people of today
Its a long time ago dear
Before you were born
We had a little home
Garden till the edge of heaven
Green field to run away
Water from the nearest yard
Where boys hunted rabbits and muose
Girls played with one another
They owned the whole spaces they got
There was no need to work on the streets
We owned enough watercanes
Time for schools
And free childhood time
We did not hear sounds of bombs
Only drumps and harvesting call
I told you
People were not people
Our home filled with huts
We could eat and sleep in any
At that time I had four friends
We created big toys for each other
We had not seen soldiers before
We lived in peace and love
No one thought it would became a myth
No one imagined we would be thrown into holes in the cities
As Refugees
But one day we will comeback
To the land of orgin
To the motherland
I heard the call of the land
Longing for it sons
Do you know how land calls
It calls for souls that lived within us
Our souls are part of that land
Even when we pass away
Our next generations will reply the true call
To build ashes of grief into gardens
Let the Cock call sound louder
For repatration of glory
My daugter
Do not be afraid
Your destiny is written
In a path that should be crossed with bare feet
We took the first trip from your fate
you have to cross the rest
In the time of peace
When evil is gone

@Hassan Adam


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